Switching Providers & Migrating Data

Are you unhappy with your current software provider?
Poor Functionally? Unhelpful Support Staff?
Lengthy Contracts? Expensive?
This is a something we hear a lot, and many of our customers have switched to us from a competitor for exactly these reasons. We understand that the thought of changing provider can be quite daunting so our data migration team will make switching as quick and easy as possible. We will do this with minimal disruption to your business for a fee of £350+VAT.
Here is a list of competitors who we've successfully migrated data from:
Please note that the scope of the data we can migrate from each of these systems varies. If your current provider isn’t listed, we’re very happy to add to the list!

If you don’t use one of the above and have instead created your own bespoke system we may still be able to help. We can migrate data from Excel spreadsheets, XML, CSV, Access, MySQL, MSSQL and various other databases, but as these migrations will be bespokely written for each customer based on their specific data structures we will probably need to charge a nominal fee.

Please contact us to discuss the migration process.