Mobile Real Estate CRM

Acquaint Anywhere
If your real estate CRM only works when your team is at the office, or are able to access it via a desktop or notebook, you are missing out on a great deal of vital functionality. Estate agents spend much of their time on the road, as well as catching up with admin after hours. They need to be able to access live data wherever they are, as conveniently as possible, preferably via their mobile devices. For that, they need a mobile real estate CRM that makes this easy, roaming accessibility possible. Introducing Acquaint Anywhere.

Take your agency on the move, with the ability to connect seamlessly to your live data. Acquaint Anywhere is a compact mobile version of Acquaint CRM that is designed as a companion product alongside your existing Acquaint CRM installation.

Acquaint Anywhere offers most of the functionalities of the complete Acquaint CRM on a specially designed interface optimised for mobile devices. Your agents can access contacts, review and update property listing details, and schedule appointments, from wherever they may be - between appointments, hosting open houses or catching up with work late at night. Functionality includes management of your Contacts, Property Details, Diary, Appointments and Tasks. Encrypted data and four levels of security ensure your data remains secure.

The features of Acquaint Anywhere include:

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