Portal Uploading & Social Networking

Acquaint CRM takes all the hassle of re-keying your property details into the internet property portal you subscribe to. Enter the details once into Acquaint and we do the rest for you. Our automatic portal uploading system will take your data and feed it to your subscribed portals and social networking sites on a daily basis. We were one of the first software providers to implement the new Rightmove Real Time Data Feed format. This allows properties added to Acquaint to appear on Rightmove typically within 15 minutes of listing.
Portals will require you to register directly with them first - many portals are completely free, others are free with conditions i.e. linked to newspaper advertising, or a governing body subscription. Pay per Click and Pay per Month are the other payment models commonly implemented by the portals.
Our monthly Portal Uploading fee covers uploading to all the portals you subscribe to. Our aim is to promote your business on as many websites as possible to give you maximum coverage.

Supported Portals

These portals will accept listings free of charge. We can automatically register your details with them and feed your data.

These portals will accept listings free of charge BUT will charge a free for each lead generated. Please contact the portals directly to setup an account with them.