Seamless Utility Management with Tenant Shop

Tenant Shop provide seamless utility management.

Using the latest technology, they notify local councils, water suppliers and energy providers of new and vacating tenancies and set up and close void accounts for your landlords, ensuring there are no stray bills.

The service is free of cost, saving your staff hours and they even share the commission with you!

Acquaint CRM integrates seamlessly with Tenant Shop by exporting Tenant's details, uploading any new Tenancies that have started within the last 7 days and Tenancies that are ending within the next 30 days.

The integration must be initially enabled  by pasting an API Key and Password (obtained from Tenant Shop)

Once enabled the Tenant Shop export will run automatically each day.

Obtain your API key by contacting Tenant Shop here.

How to set-up the integration between Acquaint CRM and Tenant Shop

1. Contact Tenant Shop and set up an account
2. Login in to your account and go to the Manage API Keys page
3. In the HTTP Basic Keys section click the Generate New Basic HTTP Key button
4. In Acquaint go to File -> Configuration -> Site/Branch Configuration
5. Select your branch from the list
6. Expand the Bespoke / 3rd Party Links section by click the + symbol
7. Edit the Tenant Shop Key option and enter the key shown in the HTTP Basic Keys section on the Manage API Keys page in Tenant Shop
8. Edit the Tenant Shop Password option and enter the Password shown in the HTTP Basic Keys section on the Manage API Keys page in Tenant Shop

More information can be found in the help.
Date Added 16/03/2016