Our Telephony feature integrates two of your most powerful business tools - your telephone and your Acquaint CRM software.

What is Telephony?

Telephony or TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) is a standard interface that lets you and your computer communicate with telephony equipment.  In essence, you can use your computer to control your telephone.

What can Telephony do for you?

Our integration allows you to increase efficiency for your staff by enabling you to dial your contacts faster, eliminating dialling the wrong number and for incoming calls to immediately identify and record the caller.  When used as part of your telemarketing campaign this will enable you to call more contacts and in less time.


  • Single click dialling - expedite calls and avoid mis-dialling by using a single click to dial contacts, simply click the telephone icon next to your telephone number fields to make the call. 

  • Caller identification  - engage with your customers at the earliest opportunity. Desktop alerts display the details of the caller with the option to display the contact’s record or create appointments, notes and tasks for them. 

  • Telephone control - full control of your telephone through your computer – call, answer, hang-up etc.


Already using Acquaint? Then integration comes free of charge you simply need to make sure you have a TAPI 2.x compliant phone system. See a demo of Telephony in action here

If you already have a compatible TAPI software driver enable this in Acquaint via File->Configuration->PC->Settings->Telephony TAPI Driver and select the driver from the drop-down list.

If you are an Estate Agent or Letting Agent who isn’t using our software but want to benefit from our free TAPI integration and our outstanding Acquaint CRM product, contact us on 01491 824800 or email and we would be happy to arrange a demo.

If you want to streamline your call handling and provide faster response times for your customers switch on Telephony in Acquaint today.



Date Added 06/07/2016