Enhanced Online Maintenance Requests

We are pleased to announce we've enhanced our Online Maintenance system in Version 11. With this new feature you can now benefit from seeing images of the maintenance issue. Tenants upload up to three images with each Maintenance Request. These images will be downloaded and can be viewed from the Maintenance Request screen. When the Maintenance Request is turned into a Work Order they will automatically be added to the Work Order.

Our Tenant Maintenance request system integrates seamlessly with your Acquaint software and is included with Acquaint CRM at no extra charge.

Tenants can report maintenance issues online via desktop, tablet or mobile device via a form branded with your company logo which is accessed from your website.

These are automatically imported into Acquaint, appearing as reminders within the Maintenance section on your Home Page. This gives you the choice of their importance, whether to accept them and automatically generate a Work Order, or alternatively reject the request and email the Tenant back.
To enable this functionality a button/link simply must be added to your website. For Bright Logic web sites just contact design@brightlogic.co.uk and the web team will activate this feature on your existing website. If your web site is designed by a 3rd party they can also link to the system just drop an email to request for the URL via support@brightlogic.co.uk

Date Added 22/08/2016