The Property Viewer


The Property Viewer provides an excellent way of interacting with applicants that pop into your office. The Property Viewer is designed to be completely client facing. Sit the applicant by your desk, make them a coffee and browse scroll through their matched properties safe in the knowledge any confidential information such as the property number or owner information is hidden.

Using the Property Viewer

From their Contact record click Match Properties, choose Property Viewer (for Applicants) and the Property Viewer will be displayed.

From here you can view all the photos of the property, the floor plan, the location on a map even it's location on Street View.

Store Feedback and Notes in the Feedback section as you scroll through the Properties.

After storing their feedback you can even send them a Property Bulletin (Email) which has automatically been tailored to only include the Properties they were interested in.

Date Added 10/08/2016