Independent and proud of it

Are you feeling unhappy with your current supplier? Fed up with lengthy, expensive contracts. Want to make your own choices on which suppliers you integrate with? Not receiving the support you need? 

This is something we hear a lot and we're here to help. Many of our clients using Acquaint on a daily basis (and we have thousands) have made the decision to switch to us for exactly these reasons. Our dynamic team of programmers, designers and property professionals offer client excellence through our innovative approach, attention to detail and cost-saving ideas. Our independence makes our company and product agile in the fast paced property industry, it aids our responsiveness to challenges and commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

We are a genuine team-based company utilising our multiple skill sets to address our clients' needs, no ‘fat cats’ to please here. For all of these reasons we receive a high proportion of our business from recommendations. 

Here's a just few reasons to switch. Give us a call on 01491 824800 and we can list a whole lot more too!

• We're a truly independent software supplier – FACT
• We can convert data your data from any of these providers for free 
• We have a simple rolling month contract - it's our promise to make sure you stay happy
• We handle the switching process and migrate your data - we do this all the time so we can pretty much do this in our sleep
• We're dynamic and scalable - our software is flexible enough to meet your current needs and grow with you
• We provide comprehensive support - Our exceptional and unlimited service is one of the main reasons we have so many customers join us from our competitors!

Date Added 02/03/2017