Signable E-Signature Pay As You Go Account

If you're looking for new ways to work efficiently or simply just ways to save time and money, you will be intested to know Acquaint can provide the Signable service on a Pay As You Go basis, with no contract tie-in. Previously our integration only supported monthly Signable accounts, now you can simply pay for what you use.

There's no risk, or contract, credits are simply purchased in blocks and remain active until used. One credit equals one document and a reminder on the Home Page will allow you to check your remaining credits. Sending reminders for documents that have already been sent to Signable won't cost a credit.

What is Signable?

Signable offers legally recognised digital signatures at a fraction of the cost of posting and infinitely faster. For example when used for signing Tenancy agreements by multiple parties, some of our clients have reported it can shave weeks off their lettings process.

Are they legally binding?

Yes! Signable adheres to (and exceeds) all of the latest electronic signature laws within the UK and the EU, most notably eIDAS, which relates to electronic identification and verification across EU member states. Every single document, or contract, sent through Signable adheres to these regulations. You get a full audit  trail with each and the signed document is automatically saved into the Correspondence of the Contact in Acquaint.

How much is it?

Purchase credits online from a new option on the Help menu in Acquaint using the Purchase Signable E-Signature Credits option. With prices starting as low as 28p +VAT per document see how much you can save compared to Royal Mail Signed.

Want to try Signable for free?

We're so convinced about the benefits of Signable we're offering clients 5 free credits* to give it a try. Search 'Try Signable' in Acquaint's online help to find out how to find and use your credits.

*Trial only applies to non-existing Signable clients

Date Added 13/06/2017