Now integrating with Agency Express


As part of our ongoing development of Acquaint we are pleased to announce we have built an integration with Agency Express. This integration means you now have access to the most advanced, seamless and easy to use online estate agency board management system in the industry!

Our work on this now enables you to order and manage all of your estate agency board work online through the simple Acquaint interface, saving you time and cutting costs for your agency.

Harnessing the latest technology Acquaint now provides a one way push integration to Agency Express’ SignMaster software, streamlining the board management process.   Once set up this means that when you change a board from the Property Board List or Board Erected field of a Property (Details #3) the request is automatically sent to Agency Express. The details of the requests are then stored as a note against the Property with a type of 'Agency Express'. Find out more about Board Management in the help.

The integration comes free in Acquaint, contact Agency Express to find out more about their services and charges on 01508 579 800. 

If you already have an Agency Express account simply add your API Key and Account code in the Agency Express section in System Configuration ->Site Branch ->Bespoke/3rd Party Links.

Date Added 28/06/2017