4 signs that you need estate agent CRM

Investing in new software for your estate agency is not something you should do lightly. Updating any of your procedures and tools requires an investment of money and time. However, there comes a time when making this important change is absolutely necessary. The key is being able to recognise when such a time has come. If any of the following four signs apply to your business, it is probably time to invest in a new estate agent CRM.

You are having trouble using your estate agency CRM tools

If the features and functions of your current estate agency software seem to be a bit of a mystery to you and the other agents in your office, you may think it means you need to dispense with your CRM entirely. However, this is not necessarily the case. More likely, it means that it is time to invest in a more effective and user-friendly CRM that provides value and is not filled with tools that nobody is going to use - or knows how to use. Acquaint CRMis packed with features that are designed to cut down on unnecessary, repetitive admin tasks. It is fully scalable and suits single users, multi-user, multi-branch and even franchise business models.

There is no return on your investments

Your CRM should help your business grow. Many agents think it is only there to record information in case it is needed, but this makes up only a small percentage of its value. It should enable you to monitor and improve the ROI of your various marketing campaigns. Your analysis tools should help you reduce inefficiencies and focus on areas of strength and growth. If you are still waiting to see these benefits, it is time to get a CRM that can provide them. Acquaint CRM is affordable and scalable, and helps business to cut down on admin expenses and other business costs, making it a powerful aid for reducing costs and boosting profitability.

Your current CRM tools don't suit your business

If you are asked what your current CRM is doing for you, you should be able to provide a comprehensive list without any further prompting. The benefits of your CRM should be self-evident. If you can’t see the benefits, the CRM probably just isn’t working for you. Your CRM should feel like a sharp, motivated assistant - always one step ahead, increasing efficiency and helping you maximise opportunities, you need to realise that it just isn’t working for your business. Acquaint CRM is customisable, allowing you to make optimal use of functions and features best suited to your business, as well as to customise and set permissions, views and security levels for your staff.

Your current tools are complicated

A CRM should be user-friendly and intuitive in its function. You don’t need unnecessary frills and there is really no need for any tool to be complicated. If you find yourself sitting for too long trying to work out how a particular tool works, you need to look elsewhere. Invest in a CRM that has been carefully designed for an easy and enjoyable user experience. Acquaint CRM is designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate into your business.

How Acquaint CRM can help you with your CRM

Acquaint CRM is a cutting-edge estate agency CRM that will maximise your efficiency, help you take advantage of all leads and eliminate points of weakness, while helping you boost your overall ROI. Contact us today for more information.
Date Added 17/02/2023