Top real estate CRM features you need in 2023

As the new year gets started, it might be time to consider whether your real estate CRM is offering you all the tools you need to take your business forward into 2023 and beyond. An estate agent CRM is your most important tool when it comes to managing your daily activity. Its aim is to optimise your agency’s performance and improve the quality of your relationship with your customers. Here are the four most important features your CRM must have to boost your success in the year ahead.

Good database management

Perhaps foremost among a CRM’s functions, it should offer an easy-to-use interface that enables fast and efficient data management - from entering new information into the system, to retrieving it whenever necessary. You need to manage contacts, property listings and their details, all related documents and more, with maximum speed and efficiency. Also of vital importance is the ability to cross-reference between your available properties and the searches of your buyer contacts.

Real-time updates

If your marketing is working as it should, properties should be rotating briskly in and out of your list. It can be challenging to keep up with these changes and adjust the lists manually, so you should be able to hand that responsibility over to your CRM. Each time a sale is made, your CRM should update your listings and remove sold properties from your portfolio of available ones. The automatic update of any properties on your website and your ads in real-time is a vital feature of a good CRM. >

Lead integration

Your real-estate CRM must be connected and centralised so as to update all leads coming in from your various contact points (website, real estate sites, social networks, etc.). You can then access all your leads in one place and action appropriate follow-ups. You can also monitor the performance of your various sources.

Activity tracking and monitoring

A good CRM should track all actions performed by your agents and give you the ability to view each of these tasks. You must be able to track emails that have been sent, the different property offers that have been made, and the visits they have carried out, among others. With this information at your fingertips, you can react and adapt your strategy optimally.

Acquaint CRM software for real estate agents

Acquaint CRM is a CRM package designed specifically for real estate agents. It delivers all the functions you would need to assist with the success of your business: database management, the capacity for fast, automated updates, agile lead generation and integration, and accurate activity monitoring, among others. With Acquaint CRM, you get all of the key features listed above and more: more qualified leads, better customer service and retention, higher productivity and efficiency, centralised database, streamlined communications, detailed analytics, automated business reports and more accurate forecasting. Optimise your efficiency, maximise your ability to take advantage of leads, and monitor all of your agency’s campaigns and actions. Contact us for more information on our real estate CRM and let us help you take your agency forward into the coming year.
Date Added 28/02/2023